What we do

The Climate Jobs website exists to enable people to get amazing jobs fighting climate change.

Where we do it

We focus on underprivileged regions in the UK and spread the word in schools, colleges and universities as people are thinking about the kind of careers they want to build. We can also help people to transition into a climate job if they are already in work.

What’s a Climate Job?

Climate change presents a wealth of opportunity across many different skill sets: from science and engineering to design, marketing, sales and many more.

A climate job might be in the environment sector, part of the global transition to clean energy, in transport, local government or within a company enabling them to develop a sustainability strategy that’s not just a greenwash.

Climate jobs are global and you could be developing local community owned power projects, enabling energy access or education abroad. Every country on the planet will feel the effects of climate change.

We can help

We organise local outreach and our blog is packed with advice and downloads, as well as climate news.